Laurence Dudeney

Monument and Continuity - Mausoleum for the House of Savoy, Turin 2009

The project for a new mausoleum for the House of Savoy in Turin manifests the family’s ideologies and the relationships of succession between each ruler within the dynasty. Inspired by the symbol of dynastic continuity, the Savoy Knot is used to tie together the lineage of the Royal family with a line and points. These are ideological and represent military associations, influential marriages and religious dedication. The result is a progression of spaces that traverse through the building in which the continuity of lineage is used to reflect generational relationships between individual members of the family.
The design for this mausoleum was driven by a brake-away approach from traditional monumental compositions that historically relied on heaviness and permanence. Instead, the project looks at the convolution of mortality and history within a temporal understanding of death and the Sublime, being boundless and continuous.

Laurence Dudeney is an English Part II architect who studied architecture at The University of Liverpool before moving to London where he gained his Diploma at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL. He is currently working for Foster and Partners.

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