Yaojen Chuang

Chronicles of a Cure - Congregation Centre, Miami 2008

The new Miami Congregation Centre is located on one of the main canals of South Beach Miami. It explores the ephemeral and poly-sensorial experiences of the body, based on Jean Cocteau's 1952 book Opium.
Through an ongoing research into digital algorithms and simulations, a series of ‘spatial collages’ were created to capture transient phenomena, such as the disintegration of the boundaries between the body and its surrounding, and a sense of spiritual weightlessness in space.
The design is derived from a series of studies that interpret the concept of ‘architecture of moods’, playing with the theatrical experience of sacredness, the elasticity of spaces, and the spatial formulation of perceptions and senses. The dramatic scale and purposely manipulated experiences of the building aim to engage the viewers by appealing to all the senses, with an underlying objective of promoting coherence between both the physical and psychological wellbeing of the inhabitants.

Yaojen Chuang is originally from Taipei, Taiwan. He studied his BSc and Diploma in architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, graduating in 2008. His Diploma work was featured in Building Design, Blueprint Magazine and AD Architectural Design. He recently exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts and Dreamspace Gallery in London and is currently working for Alison Brooks Architects in London.

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